Jonathan Turner

Welcome to Pen

Jonathan Turner, Chief Executive

We may be a big business (£500 million GWP to be precise), but Pen is still very much the new kid on the block.

Formed from an amalgamation of a dozen or so different brands, over the past few years we’ve been getting everything in order and creating a single way of working.

At the heart of our culture is our sense of who we are: Pen is an underwriting business led by underwriters. 

But we are more than just an underwriting business; we are a virtual insurer, offering the security you would expect from an established insurer, with the innovation, niche expertise and flexibility that MGAs are known for.

We’re already as big as a mid-sized Lloyd’s syndicate, and with the critical mass and the ability to invest in our business, we are growing fast. Going forwards we want to further our reputation as the go to virtual insurer, so we can reap the benefits in 2018 and beyond.

A Virtual Insurer

Operating as a virtual insurer, Pen has all the capabilities of a typical insurance company, except carrying risk.

The Four Pen Pillars

Behind any successful organisation is a defined set of values; at Pen, we measure everything we do against the four Pen pillars.

Pen's Leadership Team

The structure of Pen's leadership team mirrors that of a typical insurance business.

A Day in the Life in Pen City MADE WITH LEGO® BRICKS

Watch the video

Watch the video

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The Journey to Pen

Back in 2014, Pen brought together 12 different businesses with a huge range of distribution and underwriting capabilities

Delegated Authorities from Pen

We don’t just underwrite risks, we help others to underwrite too by offering delegated authorities

Capacity Partnerships

Our partners include some of the biggest names from the insurance, reinsurance and Lloyd’s markets


We are proud to have been nominated for a range of awards by our industry colleagues


Together with our parent company, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, we have been recognised as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies


Brokers can access our extensive range of products under a single TOBA

Together we are building a place where business can flourish

Pen Central

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