Pen launches new Specialist Home product

Published On : 20 Nov 2017

Available on our new e-trading hub, Pen Central, our Specialist Home product is designed for homes and homeowners with unusual requirements.

This could be homes that are typically difficult to place, such as listed buildings or homes used for Airbnb rentals.

But our cover is also designed for customers who have standard homes but specialist needs, like homeowners in the middle of a renovation, or people with unusual occupations, or customers who simply want the flexibility of increasing their policy limits.

You’ll find us easy to do business with: brokers buying from Pen Central can instantly quote and bind cover, and because Pen Central is full-cycle there's no need for re-keying at renewal or MTA.

And if your risk doesn’t fit our online footprint, don’t worry, there is always an underwriter on hand to take referrals, just call 01403 321007 or email

Plus, whether you buy from Pen Central or get a quote from an underwriter, our product offers competitive rates.

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